Two well-established printing companies that merged 13 months ago relaunched as Rocket last week.

Fredericton’s Taylor Printing Group, which opened in 2005, bought Bounty Print of Halifax, in business almost 40 years, in December 2019.

Both businesses still operate in their respective cities, but Taylor CEO Scott Williams says a fresh brand was important to reflect what the companies offer.

“Print will always be a big part of who we are, but we’re now playing a lot in the digital space,” Williams said. “We invested heavily in some pretty robust software where we can bring the print and digital world together.

“But we were kind of pigeonholed as just print, because of our separate names, so we began discussing, ‘What would it look like if we did change this? What are the risks in doing so?’”

Satisfied a new name and website – – was the way to go, Williams prepared to move forward last spring.

“I was in Halifax, in a meeting, on March 12 settling on the name Rocket,” he said. “The last thing we talked about was the coronavirus. I distinctly remember laughing and saying, ‘That will come and go. We’ll be done with it in a month or two.’ Then the world shut down a couple days later.

“So the Rocket launch is refreshing in what’s been a pretty trying year,” Williams said.

Bruce Hallihan 
Sports editor/news reporter | The Daily Gleaner