XMPie, a global digital platform company specializing in Web-to-Print and personalized multichannel communication campaigns, recently did a case study on Rocket and how we shifted to prepare for the post-pandemic world.  With the danger of becoming pigeonholed as a print-only business.  Rocket strategically moved into the digital space to automate processes and increase production efficiency on every job.

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With XMPie Omnichannel Software, providers can get future-ready and transform from a Print-only Service Provider to a Marketing Service Provider.  Brands can:

  • Fulfil print and digital communications from the same platform.
  • Move away from linear brand-led scheduled communications and develop consumer-led conversations.
  • Scale-up lights-out production.
  • Achieve automation of customer journeys, not only at each touchpoint.

XMPie offers the only omnichannel communications solution bringing together a marketing automation workflow and individualized content.

PersonalEffect StoreFlow is an industry-leading Web-to-print system for selling print, advanced VDP services, and even omnichannel campaigns from a five-star eCommerce workflow.

StoreFlow is:

  • Adobe-based with familiar user workflows for easier operations onboarding,
  • Fully scalable so you can start anywhere, add power and functionality and protect your investment all along the way.
  • Extendable and can be customized to any environment or business need.

Use either the off-the-shelf option or integrate XMPie’s advanced personalization capabilities into a third-party eCommerce solution.

For more information and how Rocket can take your brand to new heights with the XMPie platform, contact one of our Rocket Scientist.