Leading with experience and innovation

When you’ve been in an industry as long as we have, you gain an appreciation for where it all began and an ability to predict where it’s going. Our team has the know-how and experience to drive your business forward.

Executive Team


Photo of Joanne Williams

Joanne Williams

Human Resources Manager
joanne.williams@rocket.ink 1.506.460.8707
Photo of Bob Doon

Bob Doon

Senior Account Representative
bob.doon@rocket.ink 1.506.460.8702
Photo of Keith Keane

Keith Keane

Senior Account Representative
keith.keane@rocket.ink 1.506.206.9509
Photo of Peter Frenette

Peter Frenette

XMPie Sales Analyst
peter.frenette@rocket.ink 1.506.206.9572
Photo of Pam Fraser

Pam Fraser

Accounting and Administration
pam.fraser@rocket.ink 1.506.460.5421
Photo of Debbie Wadden

Debbie Wadden

Purchasing Coordinator
Debbie.wadden@rocket.ink 1.506.460–8706
Photo of Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins

Rocket Delivery Specialist
Photo of Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly

Data and IT Support
michael.kelly@rocket.ink 1.902.401.9444


Dedicated to sustainability

Print and paper have a great environmental story to tell. Paper is biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs while forestry plantations provide clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, and carbon storage. We are certified through organizations like Bullfrog, Two Sides and Rainforest Alliance (FSC® certification) to maintain our accountability to our environmental commitment. There are lots of good reasons for taking care of our world and for being responsible with the resources that we’ve been given. We like what this video by Bullfrog has to say.

In Good Company

We’re all about relationships and believe that sharing ideas and working together with great organizations benefits everyone. These are a few of the great people we are happy to know.

Our Clients

Organizations of all sizes, across many sectors have partnered with us. We believe in cultivating strong relationships with our clients to support their objectives.