We are pleased to introduce our new Large Format dynamic duo, Dave Chase and Bamidele Talabi.

Our large format division is a huge part of our print business. So this boost of the double experience these two gentlemen bring will immediately impact the operation side and, most importantly, our clients.

Dave Chase has been in the print business for forty years, with his fingerprints on all our production floors since 2005, shifting positions and tackling tasks where they are most needed. Dave has been a resident of the Fredericton area all his life with a family of seven. In Dave’s spare time, he enjoys woodworking and spending time in the woods.

Bamidele, this past July, moved his family of five to NB from Nigeria, where he was born and raised. Bamidele is no stranger to the print industry, with eleven years under his belt. In his spare time, he loves to watch adventure movies, watch some WWE action, and do anything that involves a computer. He’s also looking forward to his first winter in Canada.

Gentlemen, we are so excited to have you both on our team.

Bamidele Talabi                                                                                                    Dave Chase