TOP 50 CEO 2021

Scott Williams stands by his foundational belief that employees are even more important than clients.  The idea is that if you look after your employees, the clients will be looked after in turn.  But the CEO of Rocket certainly had this belief tested when the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to make a difficult decision about operations.

Rocket, formerly Taylor Printing Group Inc./Bounty Print, is in the business of digital and tactile marketing, and the effects of COVID-19 on the s business were stark.  Knowing the financial risk involved, Williams decided the communications provider would continue operating in order to maintain his team’s employment.  In the 48 hours after he told employees his decision, the company lost more than $1 million in business.

His team came up through, developing successful plans to manufacture face shields and other products in high demand throughout the pandemic.  The new activity more than made up the lost revenue: it created relationships with new clients and even led to more hiring.

Under Williams’ leadership, the business has continually invested in new formats and technology, all the while creating new jobs in Atlantic Canada – Rocket’s workforce has more than quadrupled – and giving back to its communities.

While maintaining his focus on continually improving Rocket’s product, efficiency, and services, Williams has plans to expand the business through strategic acquisition.

Atlantic Business
May/June 2021
Volume 32, Number 3