Go Beyond Printing with XMPie

Many of our client partners are in need of traditional printing services, but as their business shifts to meet their audiences online, we’ve expanded to support their needs with multichannel marketing services. Using Xerox’s XMPie platform, we offer our partners a hyper-personalized solution to create campaigns to reach their audiences in a new way. With uCreate Print and uImage services, use your existing databases to personalize marketing materials and integrate unique, recipient-specific images. Create multimedia linked campaigns by incorporating a QR code or URL on a traditionally printed piece, and track performance and reporting through the Marketing Console. By combining traditional and online channels, you can reach your audience and make an impact.

Direct Mail

When it comes to delivering your message to new and existing clients, direct mail works. Rocket is a National Canada Post Expert Smartmail Partner™ - which means we’re up to date on the latest Canada Post regulations and prod...


Professionally printed materials give your marketing efforts a little extra fire. Offset or digital, our specialized printing services allow us to create striking pieces that stay on budget and help your brand reach new heigh...

Finishing & Fulfillment

Once printed, we offer a variety of finishing and fulfillment services to ensure the final product is up to your professional standards and delivered on time.

Multichannel Marketing

Go beyond with innovative online services that integrate with your marketing campaigns and sales ecosystem. With the acquisition of XMPie, it helps us to do both. XMPie is the leading provider of software for cross-media, var...